Most of the delicious things in life are a little bit naughty. This bawdy but beautiful, crass but intelligent show will have your audience in stitches. Whether you’re a low life scum bag or a supreme court judge you can’t help but be charmed by this wonderful blend of stand up comedy and sublime singing. This raucous theatrical experience constantly shifts gears from low brow to high brow and back again and will have your guests crying one moment and in stitches the next. (no pun intended) Let Tony and Roberta hijack your night and you will be giving testimony for years to come.








Tony and Roberta mingle among the guests handing out business cards and offering cash loans.

Tony takes it upon himself to make an impromptu speech. As Roberta heckles, He notifies the guests that due to a default on a loan, he is now the proud owner of the venue.   To Roberta’s surprise, he announces that as a special token of his appreciation, has organised for Roberta to sing. Roberta is reluctant at first but soon gets over her shyness when she gets the audience clapping and singing along to “HEY MAMBO”


Tony decides that “these people need something more classy…Like me” He changes the mood singing the bouncy and energetic aria La donna Mobile - but changes the words so the song is all about Tony. The audience cheer as Tony sings “I’m a classy guy” in a surprisingly operatic tenor voice. Roberta returns and falls in love with a man in the audience hoping Tony won't find out, she seduces a poor unsuspecting guest right in front of the rest of the party. 


From here there is no relief in sight as the audience are eye witnesses to a magical and wild ride with twists and turns along the way. Costume changes, audience interaction smoke machines and break dancing. It won’t be a quiet affair and you won’t have time to wonder what will happen next.